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MUSIC: Kimberlee says her R&B musings make for a dynamic journey.

By Stan Kabala
The Costa Mesa Breeze

Don't compare Kimberlee to that other coffee shop success story, Jewel.

For one, the two don't sound all that similar. With Kimberlee, and her heavy R&B voice that is one part Macy Gray, one part Tina Turner, and just a smidge of Ani DiFranco and Natalie Merchant added for texture, the word "pollyanna" doesn't even come to mind once you hear the up-and-coming singer.

On Dec. 30, the girl and her guitar will come to Costa Mesa as part of a statewide tour with the Borders book chain, spreading her take on life and love to all who will listen.

Like most traditional female rockers, Kimberlee admits that her sound has a bit of vulnerability to it, as its roots come from universal issues such as love and living day-to-day, but that doesn't mean it's generic.

"My music is very separate and distinctive," the Northern California native said. "Some people may see that as a dilemma on the business side, as (most female rockers) bring to mind an artist of the Jewel or Sarah McLachlan ilk. But they don't have real strong, passionate voices, and to be doing music that lends itself to the R&B genre, there's definitely a journey, dynamically, in my music."

Kimberlee is touring in support of her independently produced, five-song EP titled "Learning How To Love," and has been working closely with Borders for the past eight months. And while she intends to take her soulful musings beyond the state's borders, she said she first plans to get her not-yet-titled second album together in the early part of 2001.


Who: Kimberlee
Where: Borders Books & Music, 1890 Newport Blvd.
When: 8-10 p.m. Dec. 30

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