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San Francisco Examiner Singer Kimberlee's on Deck
Reno News & Review
Singer-songwriter says follow your dreams
Saratoga News
Bay Area Performer Kimberlee, Music Concert
Soulful Rock Singer/Songwriter Kimberlee Releases Debut Album
The Orchard Artists
Artist Info, Rock out to the soulfully charged sounds of Kimberlee
CD Baby
Learning How to Love
CD Baby
What am I gonna do?
IUMA Artist Pages
Kimberlee Free MP3 Downloads
Reno News & Review, Arts & Lifestyle
Kimberlee, Event Pick of the Week
Western Fairs
Kimberlee's Music an Eclectic Mix of Soul, Folk, Funk, Jazz, and Gutsy Rock
The Desert Sun
Coffee with Kimberlee

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Live music concerts by singer/songwriter and independent recording artist Kimberlee. R&B influenced folk rock that moves your soul. Original music and songs, CD reviews and music sales. If you find additional articles on the web about kimberlee, tell us about them. Send email to Thank You.

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