Desert Post Weekly

Vol. 2 No. 48

Kimberlee: "Learning How To Love"

By Tracy Dietlin

Add Bay Area-based recording artist Kimberlee to the list of female singers who choose to go by just one name. Her debut EP, "Learning How To Love", features a group of songs that Kimberlee not only wrote but also co-produced, an ambitious move for a first venture at recording.

With her powerful vocals similar to Anastacia or Patti LaBelle, Kimberlee belts out a well-written group of songs reflecting a potpourri of rock, funk, folk, and soul proving that Kimberlee is an artist to watch (and, since she's appearing locally, go and actually watch).

The title track, "Learning How To Love," showcases Kimberlee's old-soul voice set to a backdrop of keyboards and electric guitar for a weary and emotional tune. The up-tempo track, "Stop This Train" combines folk and funk with confessional lyrics that have Kimberlee singing about her life from age three up to the present and how she has walked through the pain.

She slows down the pace on the reflective "Wake Up," with her versatile vocals taking on a Cher-like tone. Then she heats things up and brings back the funk on "Love Your Enemy."

"Love Never Fails," the best of the five songs offered on the CD, is reminiscent of Des'ree's hit "You Gotta Be," with Kimberlee sounding much like her throughout most of the song with the exception of the chorus, where she pulls off a perfect Macy Gray.

Kimberlee realized her need to express her heart through singing and writing songs at age twelve. Her home life suffered as a result of her stepfather's alcoholism, abuse, and adultery, and not knowing her real father until she was 20 left her with a feeling of emptiness. She began trying to heal her pain through music.

Kimberlee feels the message of her album is to "love your neighbor as yourself," she writes in the liner notes.

"I am inspired to heal my own heart and plant seeds of awareness and hope in others, " she continues.

As a result of the recent terrorist crimes against the U.S., Kimberlee is donating all profits from CD sales to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Her recent song, "Injustice," depicts Sept. 11 and its massive tragedies with an aggressive cry against the injustice and the deep necessity for prayer and wisdom. Although not released on CD yet, she will be performing this latest work during her live show as she tours the U.S., sponsored by Borders Books & Music and Martin Guitars, to promote "Learning How To Love." Kimberlee has a voice and a message worth checking out.

Appearing Sat., Dec. 1 from 8-10 p.m. at Borders Books & Music, The River at Rancho Mirage, 71800 Hwy. 11, Palm Desert

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